The 8-Week Blood Sugar Diet Cookbook

The 8 Week Blood Sugar Diet Cookbook brings healthy eating back around toward low carb, low calorie, Mediterranean style dieting but with intermittent fasting (very low calorie days). The emphasis is on diabetes management and prevention – even curing diabetes by carefully regulating blood sugar spikes from carb heavy foods like pasta and rice. The recipes are very usual foods but in smaller, carefully managed portions. There is also a section on physical exercise that focuses on walking and moving around rather than squats etc.


Sample recipes include no-carb waffles, crayfish salad, French fish stew, crab cakes, blueberry and green tea smoothie, harissa chicken, foil steamed fish, skinny chili, warm halloumi salad, etc. All recipes are meant to be quick and easy – from five-minute breakfasts, no-fuss lunches, and simple suppers. There are also three guilt free baking recipes: zucchini and pumpkin seed muffins, cheesy scones, and guild-free brownies.

The introduction before the recipes is fairly brief. It is mostly comprised of testimonials of those who have been able to mitigate or control their diabetes or pre diabetes through better eating and not medicine/pills/insulin. There is a repeating undertone of the side effects of diabetes: lots of discussions about amputated limbs and blindness. It felt a bit too much like scare tactics at some point and I honestly prefer motivational books without the heavy emphasis on worst case scenarios (well, ok, death is likely the worst case). But it wasn’t overwhelming.

The recipes are very easy to follow and very, very simple. Calories, servings, a list of ingredients, and paragraph directions. There are no images and all recipes are clumped together on each page. Because they are brief and easy to make, this isn’t a problem and makes it easier to find recipes without having to skim through pages and pages.

In all, the diet is easy to follow and there is the important emphasis on lifetime health management rather than quick pounds loss. But unlike a lot of the diets today, it does promise that you will lose weight fast. Reviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher.

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