Ahsoka by E.K. Johnston

Review from a 13 year old Ahsoka fan: “Ahsoka is a story that explains the time period between Order 66 and Ahsoka joining the rebellion. It starts off with Ahsoka on the run from the newly established empire, which forces her to the outer rims of the galaxy. Searching for somewhere to settle down and lay low she stumbles upon Thabeska, a planet inhabited by the Fardi family. Getting to know the family well Ahsoka notices something extraordinary among one of the family members before being forced to leave due to imperial arrival. Later landing on Raada a moon for farming, and getting to know the small amount of inhabitants there. Ahsoka quickly finds herself troubled when once again the empire arrives and causes all kinds of troubles on the small moon. While worried about what to do to help her friends Ahsoka teams up with old allies. But new enemies are following not too far behind. In the end Ahsoka is forced to make hard decisions while only herself to rely on in the process.


Ahsoka Tano in the said book was almost on point, only being a little too timid to be the Ahsoka we fans truly love. Other characters like Miara or Kaeden were a little too bland and underdeveloped along with the rest of the Raada inhabitants. Another thing that was quite annoying was the switching in the point of views later in the book after focusing only on Ahsoka for the first part.

Positive was the nice and steady plot; it was great to have a simple one instead of it being packed with too much action. Another thing that was on point was that it felt like a Star Wars type of setting, including the empire and how they reacted to different events.

In all, the book was fine but in many ways could have been better, and doing fine on living up to the high standards that were placed upon it. Interesting to read but small errors character wise.

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