Anonymous Noise 2 by Ryoko Fukuyama

Now that the story was established in volume 1, of course we can delve more into the glamour, fashion, and pressures of the music industry as Momo agrees to join Yuzu’s band. But, surprising no one, Momo suddenly appears and avoids poor Nino. So we have the love triangle established firmly now as Momo begins to scale the music industry with her unique voice in this quirky manga title.


Story: Yuzu is coming around to Nino singing in his band, even if his ex-girlfriend and former lead singer is hot and cold on the subject. When Nino randomly chances upon a mention of a producer with Momo’s name, she is sure she has finally found her missing only love. Little does she know he attends the same school she does. Nino decides to get Momo’s attention through an audience for one of the bands he produces – but is heartbroken when he refuses to attend her audition. Worse, if she succeeds at the audition, she will not be able to be with Yuzu’s band any more. But Nino knows what – and who – she wants and she will not give up.

Anonymous Noise definitely has a quirky feel to it. From the main character always wearing a breathing mask to Yuzu’s band all wearing breathing masks and eye patches, it’s all very odd but in a good way. Author Fukuyama gives Nino a very bland and almost cliche shoujo heroine personality and then pairs it with outgoing/brash Yuzu and enigmatic/driven Momo. Both boys start out saying they want nothing to do with Nino because she will prevent them from writing for some reason. Yuzu has already gotten over his problem with her so now the manga turns to Momo, whose sole interest is money so he can get his family out of debt.

So yes, although there is nothing new here, Anonymous Noise is fun and quirky and very modern-feeling. It’s easy to see why this is popular enough to warrant an anime. Reviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher.

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