Simply Clean by Becky Rapinchuk

Simply Clean is a way to approach cleaning to make it easier and less frustrating. Author Rapinchuk zeroes in on the big problem with housecleaning: it’s easy to let it snowball until tasks become a day long episode of unfriendly burden. By breaking tasks down into 5-15 minutes a day, she creates a plan for keeping the house consistently clean but without becoming overwhelmed by the scope of it all. This also ensures that the home is always clean – rather than messy until the monumental weekend cleaning rage occurs.


The book breaks down as follows: Part one delves into
the Simply Clean plan of breaking tasks down into small bits as well as the initial ‘big clean’ to get the house ready for the plan. Part Two is the 28 day challenge – with 4 weeks dedicated to different parts of the house (kitchen, living spaces, bathrooms, bedrooms). P:art Three is about customizing the plan for your particular lifestyle. Part Four gives tips for organizing, cleaning options, and decluttering.

The book is quite thorough on the subject and the author covers nearly all topics – from making your own cleaning solutions to how to wash window. Lifestyle changes include eg., a decluttering plan of attack (to make dusting easier) to organizing your socks and undies.

Because there is a clear plan in the 28 day period to get the house ready for easy cleaning for years afterwards, I feel this is a good book for those having trouble keeping their houses in shape. But for those who love the warmth and ‘hominesss’ of chochkis and clutter, they may find the spartan approach to keeping a home a bit anti-intuitive. That said, though, there are great tips in here that are well worth the read alone. The information is nicely presented, broken down in small chunks, with a friendly tone and easy to follow. Reviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher.

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