World Trigger 15 by Daisuke Ashihara

With World Trigger 15, we go fully into the Galapoula infiltration arc. This means new triggers, new battles, and new ways that our Border agents can distinguish themselves. Of course, the real reason to read is to see how Jin’s prediction from the last volume (Tachikawa will get chopped in half) comes true.


Story: Galapoula has begun their stealth invasion. They have one target in mind: the Meeden away ship – and to ensure that Meeden can’t launch any incursions into Aftokrator. But Border has a secret weapon: Jin’s foresight. Now that the battle is small, he can more accurately predict the future. But even Jin isn’t omniscient as a certain young boy is about to surprise everyone by entering the fray.

The Galapoula arc is a nice contrast to the Aftokrator invasion arc. Instead of battles in a large scale, we have Border trying to keep the battle small and discreet so as not to alarm the populace. It could be dangerous, though, to not have all the participants there. Osamu and his squad, for example, aren’t seen in this volume since they are getting ready for the next rank battle.

As the Galapoula strengths are revealed, it makes for some great battles. Unlike Aftokrator and their ego-driven and aggressive style, Galapoula are stealth based and use strategy. They are also much more team oriented; you almost want to root for them. They use as few resources as possible to get the mission accomplished. Ashihara gives us some great characters with the infiltration unit and it is especially fun to see who of Galapoula will get paired up against whom in Border.

With Border having two fronts – melee at the base of the HQ (and inside) and then the snipers up above, there are some really interesting battles. In this volume, we get to see Nasu Squad’s strengths, very fun stuff with Ninomiya and Kako squad interactions (Inukai playing with Futaba’s ponytails is priceless!), Suwa taking charge(!) and especially the mysterious Amo and his unique abilities (Ashihara describes amo as a sad stray puppy).

This is a volume you want to take your time really checking out the images or you will miss important small details that lead up to a surprise action a few panels later. A pivot from Konami’s foot here or a ‘snick’ sound from Kazama there lead to some great twists. And as always, our upstanding knight Murakami to the rescue!

In previous volumes, we’ve pretty much only seen how teams work against other teams. With this volume, we see how the teams work together, either as a unit or singly, during the battles. It makes for some great synergies. I also love the humor – from Galapoula assuming Kazama is a kid to Ninomiya and Kako bickering like a married couple. Now, if only we get to finally see Kusakabe A04!

As of the time this review is written, World Trigger has been on hiatus in Japan due to health issues with the author. Since this is one of my favorite series, I hope we won’t have to wait too long after volume 18 marks the beginning of the hiatus.

Reviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher.

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