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The Man Who Designed the Future by Alexandra Szerlip

Szerlip has given us a very thoroughly researched biography of Norman Bel Geddes. Through luck, timing, and charisma, Geddes was able to work his way up the ladder of the theater industry, creating revolutionary sets and theatrics, that would eventually … Continue reading

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Mayday by De Campi, Parker, Blond

Mayday is a difficult graphic novel┬áto review – I didn’t love it but I didn’t hate it. Yet I didn’t feel ‘meh’ about it either. The art and story are solid and I enjoyed seeing the 1970s milieu. Perhaps the … Continue reading

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The Guardian Herd: Dark Water Trials: Promise Keeper by Alvarez

My 13 year old loved the Warrior Cats books and also Guardian Herd. Here is her review of this new series:   I felt that the continuation book to guardian herd was rather dull compared to the earlier books. The … Continue reading

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User by Devin Grayson, John Bolton, Sean Philips

User is a three part miniseries collected in a high quality hardback edition. Originally published in 2001, the series has its roots in 1990s MUD culture – the precursor to the MMORGS of today. Back then, ‘gaming’ was all text … Continue reading

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Lady Mechanika Volume 3 by Benitez, Chen

I am going to have to concede that this is a guilty pleasure read. The art is lovely – from the panel designs to the color schemes – it’s 1990s digital at its finest. There is a lot of talent … Continue reading

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Moonshine Volume 1 by Azzarello and Risso

With Moonshine, Azzarello mines the rich lore of 1930s prohibition era america with trademark grit and violence. The story can feel somewhat confusing at times as hillbillies fight gangsters and werewolves stalk G-men. But at the heart of it is … Continue reading

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Building Natural Ponds by Robert Pavlis

With Building Natural Ponds, author Pavlis has given us a thorough understanding of everything needed for a natural pond – whether a small front yard decorative feature or a very large swimming hole to grow trout. Unfortunately, there are only … Continue reading

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