Professional Gaming Careers by Sue Bradford Edwards

Publisher Norwood House focuses on ‘informational’ books for grades K-8. With these three books on gaming (Professional Gaming Careers, E-Sports Competitions, E-Sports Game Design), we get survey overviews in a picture heavy format that give a brief overview of the subject.


With Professional Gaming Careers, author Edwards gives the history of professional gaming, the pluses (fame, some fortune) and the minuses (carpel tunnel injuries, harassment of female players). At a quick 48 pages and with plenty of images, the book is a fast and kid-friendly read and suitable for book reports and discussions. There isn’t an in depth analysis or discussions of the hardships of getting into the career (long hours of grinding, unpaid work, stressful competitions, interpersonal skills needed for team games, marketing oneself, free agent negotiations and landing an org, etc.). A few of the bigger games are mentioned (e.g., League of Legends since it is the biggest game at publication of this book) but not really discussed.

The book breaks down as follows: chapter 1: Hackers and early games; Chapter 2: What it takes to go pro; Chapter 3: Practice makes perfect; Chapter 4: Tournaments and more; Chapter 5: Gaming today and tomorrow. Note that this format pretty much follows all the books on egaming in the series: background, current state, future theories.

As a very friendly and brief overview of the subject, this makes a nice introduction to this very modern career. As well, this could also be useful for those who want to get into the career one day and have parents who don’t understand that it is a legitimate occupation. This will help inform parents of the basics. Reviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher.

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