The Bra Book by Jene Luciani

I think the question here is this: how much do we really need a whole book on the subject? I, like so many others, really hate bra shopping and never seem to get the bra that really fits or looks the way I want. And so with this book, I wanted to know how to measure and how to ensure that even when I pick the right size, the bra fits comfortably and doesn’t have ‘peek’ or ‘back ride up’ or so many other issues. With the bra book, the answer really appears to be simple: go get measured at a reputable lingerie store. Which, admittedly was a bit disappointing.


With the Bra Book, author Luciani covers several subjects to pad out the publication: history of bras, the different types, bras and fashion, how the bra relates to your body type, different breast sizes, how to fix bra issues, shapeware and spanx, swimwear support, different breast situations such as mastectomies, shopping tips, care tips, and even how men can buy bras for gifts. I have to admit, it all didn’t amount to much and I read the entire book in about 15 minutes. It’s perky, friendly, hip, and has plenty of quotes from movie stars/famous people to support what the author is saying.

And therein was the problem I found with the book – it’s all glitzy glamour without enough ‘meat’ on the bone. There are a LOT of mentions of being on Oprah or being supported by Dr. Oz, etc. etc. There are a lot of celebrity quotes and even pictures of them. It felt facile – as if the author’s audience needs perky blandishments and or random celebrity quotes to be readable. I felt my IQ dropping and not really coming away with much in understanding how to fit my bra better.

I guess what’s important is that there are a couple of short paragraphs on how to measure – but then we’re told go to the pros and try on every bra anyway because different manufacturers build bras differently. The rest is fluff about how bras are made, how cups are made, and random discussions about breasts – all aiming to ensure you feel good about your unique figure. WHich isn’t to say there aren’t useful tips – just not perhaps a whole book worth. Reviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher.

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