The Guardian Herd: Dark Water Trials: Promise Keeper by Alvarez

My 13 year old loved the Warrior Cats books and also Guardian Herd. Here is her review of this new series:



I felt that the continuation book to guardian herd was rather dull compared to the earlier books. The storyline was too cliche and too easily comprehended. The landscape shared similar issues to the story – not unique enough. The characters were fine but they lacked interesting quirks to give them more personality.

The landscape is just a fantasy land with pegasi, dragons,giants,etc. I guess I was hoping the worldbuilding would be expanded. You can easily figure out what’s going to happen next, which made it hard to want to read.

The characters were relatable and did some unexpected things every so often. It was interesting to not always know what they would do next. Yet still some more interesting characteristics would have been nice. It would have added the final touch to all the characters in the story.

In conclusion, the book didn’t live up to the expectation of the last books. It had more cons than pros. In all, it was not terrible but it was a little disappointing.

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