Bloody Mary Volume 7 by Akaza Amamiya

Ok, I admit, I’m going to have to give up on Bloody Mary. I feel like I need a Cliff’s notes – I have no idea what is going on half the time. The characters oddly look like, all have odd names, and then the whole ‘Mary is Mary but not Maria while Ichiro is Yzak but not Yzak” is making my head spin.


Story: Ichiro still hasn’t regained the power of exorcism and Mary is impatient to die. When a rogue trio of vampires breaks into Master Takumi’s house and steals Yzak, Mary is sent to retrieve him. But Mary has a memory of these vampires and must retreat. As his memories slowly begin to piece together, Ichiro waits patiently to learn what happened to the other Mary – the one inside Bloody. Meanwhile, a new head vampire is entering the scene after a long sleep – Eye.

There were several new characters introduced and a lot of the book felt like filler – an interlude before Eye enters the picture and shakes things up. Meanwhile, it’s interesting that Takumi has been thrown out of the family and Hasegawa now unemployed. It’s going to draw the ‘good guys’ a bit closer together as a result.

Unfortunately, I’m not going to continue the series at this point. I just have a hard time following it, even after several readings. Vampire Knight could get a bit squirrely as well but the characters in that drew me in. Not so much here – I’m not really given a reason to like or even want to follow any of these characters. The mystery is definitely interesting but I need more grounding in order to want to learn more. Reviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher.

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