Elfquest The Final Quest Volume 3 by Wendy and Richard Pini

Volume 3 is clearly going to be about Cutter’s ‘discovery’ from the end of volume 2 – and as such, this volume more than the others is about the emotion rather than the action. But Strongbow, Rayek, and others also get their moments of pathos as revelations and choices draw hearts in separate directions.


Story: Cutter has all but been lost to his loved ones but they have not given up on him. As Sunstream’s Call echoes around the world of Two Moons, it finds new elves who have found even better ways of hiding safely amongst the nature of the world. Cutter Kinseeker will live up to his name while the rest of the tribes face more problems – from betrayal of Ember’s safe location to lifemates being torn apart by the decision to stay or leave with the palace of the high ones.

I’m happy that the humans feature less in the Final Quest since I rarely found them interesting as foils for the elves. I can’t say that I really understood Rayak’s decision regarding Winnowill or Cutter’s strong reaction to Timmain’s revelation. It felt like a lot of drama for drama’s sake. But the story is less choppy now by volume 3 so it doesn’t feel like we are being ping ponged across the plot by jumping into the POVs of so many characters.

Each of these volumes end on nice cliff hangers, attesting to the story being carefully plotted out. The illustration work is lovely if never perhaps as brilliant as the original series. It’s always fun to see how each character will be outfitted newly or how they will have grown.

In all, I am enjoying the Final Quest and I am very happy to see the Elfquest Story finally coming to a close after enjoying the series all these decades. I’ll always treasure my original comics and my Fire and Flight volume 1 looks like it went through the war, it’s been read so often. This Final Quest may not have the impact of the first series, when we had such a small and therefore more focused set of characters. But it’s still a joy all the same. Reviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher.

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