World Trigger 16 by Daisuke Ashihara

I still love this series so much – even if it has been on a half year hiatus (as of writing this review) due to Ashihara’s health problems. Only 18 volumes have been published – but at least the hiatus begins after the latest rank war battle was fully completed.


Story: Galapoula has been soundly defeated – but they will not go quietly and they are not out of the picture yet. When Hyuse catches up with Reghi and demands to be taken back to Aftokrator, a sequence of shocking events will begin with the appearance of Yotaro on the scene. Will Hyuse kill Yotaro to prove he’s still loyal to Afto? Meanwhile, the rank battle has begun! Tamakoma needs to score here to stay in contention for A-Rank. But Kakizaki and Katori squads are determined to see that doesn’t happen. With Kakizaki’s self doubt and Katori’s over confidence creating problems, neither are going to be prepared for Amatori’s lead bullet and Mikumo’s spider traps.

This volume really is two events: the end of the Galapola arc (where we are promised they will be back in the near future!) and the beginning of the next rank battle. We were set up nicely for the latest rank war and it is quite fun to see the culmination of Tamakoma’s training come to fruition.

The real treat of Volume 16 is the fun characters. Hyuse gets his moment to shine and some antics with the very immature Inukai and Miwa squad (with their feet encased in slippery goo from the battle) is quite cute. I love how Ashihara comes up with these little fun moments.

Although the next volume is the last for awhile, I will wait patiently for the series to start up again. it’s definitely one of my favorites in the past few years. Reviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher.

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