Bleach 69 by Kubo Tite

With Bleach 69, we get two diverse story arcs.


On the Soul Society side, Ichigo and his comrades are stymied by having no way to get back up to the palace to contest Ywach. But old enemies will come to help in the form of the Hueco Mundo Arrancar. Most notably, GrimmJow, who will happily tear apart Ichigo but acknowledges that the mission to prevent the destruction of Hueco Mundo by Ywach is more important.

At the now subsumed palace, second in command Sternritter Jugram Haschwalth is confronting memories of his own. His past involves friendship with Bazz-B and how Ywatch found him and recruited him.

As with so many of Kubo’s backstories, Bass and Jugram’s has a nice amount of pathos to it – how two ‘normal’ Quincy raised boys dream of revenge against Ywach for destroying their lives and instead end up joining the Sternritter.

Meanwhile, Ichigo meeting up with various Arrancar including Nel has its sweet and funny moments as well.

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