Bleach 70 by Kubo Tite

With Bleach 70, we finally get some backstory on the most mysterious of the Gotei 13: 12th Division Captain Kurotsuchi (science division) and his Lieutenant/creation Nemu. We also get more of the backstory/battle between Jugram and Bazz-B as they confront their pasts and how both have changed since they were children.


The Kurotsuchi battle is especially interesting because everyone knows it is going to be very strange. Interestingly enough, Kenpachi joins the fray with his usual bluntness, much to Kurotsuchi’s annoyance (but of course he will use it to his advantage). This time they are fighting the left arm of the soul king – the Quincy Pernida – which pretty much amounts to a giant hand with an eyeball in the palm.

Most of the story focuses on Nemu – the ‘modified soul’ created by Kurotsuchi from his own blood using the Soul Society lab. She’s starting to gain some independent thought, which is surprising to her and the other Soul Society fighters on the scene. But she still remains fiercely loyal to her creator and selflessly defelcts all damage directed to him (which he scoffs at since he believes he is indomitable).

In all, one of the weirder battles but definitely showcasing Kubo’s incredible imagination. Reviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher.

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