Everyone’s Getting Married volume 6 by Izumi Miyazono

With Everyone’s Getting Married 6, most of the conflict in the story comes down to Asuka’s colleague Kamiya not giving up on her yet. Asuka and Ryu are firmly committed, of course, but her family is curious why she never talks about her boyfriend. Then Kamiya shows up at her family’s house for dinner one night and Ryu is a decidedly unhappy boyfriend about it.


Yuko Sakura, the woman who made Ryu bitter about marriage, didn’t come up in this volume, which was nice. It was mostly about Kamiya circling around Asuka and trying to find a way around Ryu. Of course, it doesn’t help Ryu that Kamiya is a genuinely nice guy and well liked by both Asuka and her family (especially her judgmental younger brother).

In this volume, the couple decide to take the relationship further by moving in together rather than merely sharing each other’s places. Of course, they manage to find the same apartment as Kamiya, increasing Ryu’s frustration. In addition to new pressures at work, it’s beginning to take a toll on his relationship with Asuka.

Miyazono doesn’t tread any new ground in the josei (adult women) genre here with Everyone’s Getting Married. But this is a gentle slice of life giving a different perspective on the juggles of a modern business woman. Reviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the pblisher.

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