The Anonymous Noise 4 by Ryoko Fukuyama

With volume 4, we finally have the full stage set for the conflicts to come in this tale of unrequited loves. Momo refuses to admit what he feels for Alice, Yuzu admits what he feels for Alice and is rejected, while Miou pines for Yuzu and Haruyoshi holds a secret love for Miou. It’s all going to get even more complicated as we get more backstory of how In No Hurry formed.


Synopsis: Yuzu impulsively kisses Alice – and she immediately rejects him. Despondent once she starts avoiding him, Yuzu immediately makes up a story for the kiss to convince Alice that he isn’t attracted to her. Momo, meanwhile, fights his long burning love for Alice under layers of disdain – but he won’t concede her to Yuzu either. Thus begins the battle of Yuzu and Momo for ultimate ownership of Alice’s voice. When Nino lets out all her feelings into a song, Haruyoshi, overhearing, is impressed and volunteers to give Nino the story of how the four band members came to know each other and eventually form In No Hurry To Shout.

Unlike the anime, we get much more depth in Yuzu and especially Momo in the manga. There are far more undercurrents and I’m finding that I am enjoying the manga much more for that reason. The anime focuses on the music where the manga makes the relationships much more complicated but also more understandable. I found I didn’t warm up to Momo in the anime but really liked him a lot in the manga.

Although we’ve seen this story before (a lot of similarities to Full Moon Wo Sagashite, minus the supernatural element) Fukuyama gives the tale a nice modern spin with just enough edge to ensure the story isn’t too saccharine sweet. I also appreciated that in this volume 4, the gauntlet was finally thrown down between Momo and Yuzu. I expect volume 5 will fully focus on the music and the band battles. Reviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher.

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