Vampire Knight Memories 1 by Matsuri Hino

Vampire Knight Memories is a collection of short stories meant to give more information about what happened after the series ended. Yuki waited a thousand years and then gave her heart to awaken Kaname – and this new series will give insights into the characters as well as answering questions about how the future came to be about during that time.


The first story is Sayori’s tale of interacting with Yuki – from their initial meeting thinking Yuki quite stupid to the day Yuki brings her and Kaname’s new baby for everyone to meet.

The second story is about Sayori helping Hanabusa look for a cure to turn vampires into humans.

The third story is about Yuki/Kaname’s daughter Ai as she interacts with Ruka and Akatsuki who have deepened their relationship.

The fourth story is about the time after Kaname awakened – with no memories except fragments from Yuki’s heart. It comes from the viewpoint of Seiren and her impressions of Kaname.

The last story is a quick introduction to Yuki and Zero beginning a relationship.

In all, the stories do bounce around quite a bit though daughter Ai is featured in nearly all of them. Reviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher.


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