Jackass 1 by Scarlet Beriko

Admittedly, something just did not click with this title. For one, we’re thrown right into the story without much preamble or introductions. With the characters often looking similar, it was really hard to tell what was happening and who was doing what – I had to reread the first chapter several times. For another, I didn’t believe in any of the characters or their motivations/lives. It felt false from the start; even the title was inscrutable.


Story: At a high school, four lives intertwine. Poor Keisuke and wealthy Masayuki are best friends, though admittedly Masayuki is a bit of a womanizer with commitment issues. Keisuke’s childhood best friend, Katsumi, has been in love with the school doctor for a long time but despite his best efforts, can’t seem to get him to reciprocate. When Masayuki, who has a leg fetish, accidentally catches Keisuke in stockings that his sister had left stuck in gym pants, his advances change their relationship. But Masayuki is a player and Keisuke is dead earnest in realizing he has more lasting feelings for his best friend.

The story is lighthearted but it’s another one of those stories where all the characters are gay or gay-friendly. It really strains credibility at that point – but add in a leg fetish and a very deus ex machina of a boy accidentally putting on his sister’s hosiery while putting on sweatpants she borrowed (who wears pantyhose with sweatpants? And pantyhose are hard enough to put on normally – how does one ‘accidentally’ put on hose stuck in pants?) and the story gets to be a bit silly.

The characters are all sweet in their own way and there are graphic sex scenes (though most are about Masayuki going nuts over Kei in hosiery all the time). The story seems to end on a final note but it looks like there is more in the series. Honestly, I didn’t find much here so I won’t be following it. Perhaps I like a bit more angst and grounded realism in my stories.


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