A Teen’s Guide To Getting Stuff Done by Jennifer Shannon

Jennifer Shannon has written a friendly but informative book in a voice nicely suited to teens. I chose this for my 14 year old to help her develop better study habits and I’ve included her review as well.


The book breaks down procrasinators into four key categories: The perfectionist, the warrior, the pleaser, and the rebel. Each of these personalities put off tasks for reasons specific to their type: the perfectionist is afraid that what they finish will not be judged well, the warrior doesn’t do things unless motivated, the pleaser puts off anything that might make an unpleasant situation with people, and the rebel refuses to do things that are mundane or deemed as ‘the same as everyone else.’

Once the types are discussed, including examples of people and the issues they face, author Shannon goes into detail on how to get over the roadblocks of each personality type. The book uses the very popular CBT (cognitive behavior therapy) to encourage teens to be aware of the consequences of procrastination and how avoiding/ignoring the issue snowballs it into something truly problematic.

There are some light illustrations throughout but they are mostly chapter headings and not really relevant to adding to the discussion so much as decorating the pages so they are less text-heavy.

My 14 year old felt that she fit into several of the categories in varying degrees and so was a bit frustrated at the solutions. But she also said it was well written, easy to follow, had some really good points in there, but that it felt extremely repetitive.

In all, both of us do recommend this book to help teens become more aware of their actions and the consequences of letting things snowball. Reviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher.

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