The Promised Neverland Volume 2 by Kaiu Shiru

This story continues to surprise as the kids slowly but surely develop their plan of escape. The horror wasn’t as pronounced in these chapters; what we have instead are a series of ‘Sherlock Holmes’ type of investigating and plotting. But even though we are still in the orphanage, there are quite a few twists to be revealed before the volume ends.

35658103 (1).jpg

Story: Emma, Norman and Ray analyze Mom and Sister while figuring out how they will escape. Norman quickly discovers that one of the kids in the orphanage has to be a spy – so he sets a careful trap to find out who is selling them out and why. But the answer will surprise all and make Norman realize that mom is much more clever than even they anticipated. Sister, meanwhile, is working against mom as she secretly wants to use the kids to set up being a ‘mom’ herself. But in a world of desperate survival, only the most ruthless will survive.

With each volume, we get a lot of information but little resolution; the author never rests on his laurels and keeps the plot tightly paced and the reveals coming fast and furious. Ironic, really, since nothing really happens in these chapters as the tension ratchets up in anticipation of the great escape. Each character has an angle he/she is playing and it is a “Game of Thrones” type of maneuvering in order to see who can outwith whom.

In all, a creepy, intense, psychological thriller. Reviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher.

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