Category Freaks by Gokurakuin Sakurako

Mangaka Gokurakuin is mostly known for her illustration work rather than her storytelling skills. Juvenile Orion series broke her out with its beautifully drawn characters but the plot was honestly silly and pedantic. With Category Freaks, she attempts to write a horror where people are injured but rarely die. At times, it feels like she’s trying too hard to be CLAMP but without the twists and pathos that the CLAMP writing team make work.

8991 (1).jpg

Story: In the world are supernatural figures called freaks who prey on humans/are the result of ill human feelings/emotions. It’s up to an elite group of humans and supernaturals to hunt them down and prevent them from hurting humans. Enter monster of the week story.

The story features an agency with several members, some more human than others (several possessed). There is also a supernatural little girl who eats the bad freaks after they are captured/neutralized. The story has adult themes (orgies stabbings) so despite the cutsey images, it’s best for mature audiences.

I suppose the story will eventually go somewhere but for now, I’m finding a lot of the same issues I had with Juvenile Orion: pretty but fairly confusing art and a rather tepid and pedestrian storyline. There isn’t much mystery and the stories feel rushed and not really fleshed out enough to be intriguing.

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