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Dracopedia Legends by William O’Connor

Dracopedia Legends is a beautifully presented inspiration (rather than how-to) on the subject of fantasy/dragons. The author gives you 13 dragon legends (Beowulf, Fafnir, Jormundgander, Lambton Wyrm, Ladon, Mabinogion, Nidhogg, Python, The Four Dragon Kings, The Redcrosse Dragone, Ryujin, the … Continue reading

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Forward by Lisa Maas

The introduction tells us that the characters in this graphic novel, Forward, were drawn directly from author Maas and her friends. That authenticity means there is no melodrama, no gimmicks, and instead just a straight-forward story of two middle age … Continue reading

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Wotakoi: Otaku Love Is Hard Volume 1 by Fujita

Wotakoi was cute but honestly I didn’t get much from it and soon began to skip through to the last chapter. As far as Otaku go, they weren’t quirky, distinct, or even very interesting. The relationship was probably the only … Continue reading

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The Promised Neverland by Kaiu Shirai and Posuka Demizu

With Four Volumes now, it was beginning to feel like the series would only be about the kids planning to escape and then getting foiled by Mom. But with volume 4, we finally get some major plot advancements as all … Continue reading

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Loveless Volume 13 by Yun Kouga

Loveless continues to be one of the most intriguing and nuanced of manga titles, providing rich psychological depth with magical shoujo themes. Despite the glacial pace of the release of each volume, the story does progress and we’re given more … Continue reading

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The Family Trade by Justin Jordan (Author), Nikki Ryan (Author), Morgan Beem (Artist)

There is a fine line to tread with an alternate universe book – mostly having to do with asking yourself if the author created a plausible world or if it is just lazy story writing and the author couldn’t be … Continue reading

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Coyotes Volume 1 by Sean Lewis and Caitlin Yarsky

While Coyotes has some interesting things going for it, the story is just so muddled and the world building lazy as to make this more of an afterthought than a well executed concept. It is always the little thing that … Continue reading

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