Bleach 73 by Tite Kubo

I can see why people felt that this last arc went on too long; all the same, it was worth it so that we were able to get so much closure and character development as we did in this volume. I had always wondered what kind of Bankai Urahara would produce and it didn’t disappoint when we finally saw it. But then we also get to see the ultimate form of Zaraki’s bankai AND the ultimate form of Hitsugaya’s Hyorinmaru!


Story: Urahara battles Sternritter “D” Askin Nakk Le Vaar and his ugly Gift Bereic erected around the Death Ball Deluxe poison containment egg. Trapped in ever increasing poison, Urahara is forced to bankai to survive. But his uncanny ability to see all possibilities and prepare for all of them means that Le Vaar may just have met his match. Meanwhile, Sternritter Gerard Valkyrie is fighting Hitsugaya and Byakuya when “trouble” arrives in the form of an annoyed Zaraki Kenpachi. Ichigo confronts Ywacht with Orihime while Urahara battles outside.

There was a lot in this volume to enjoy and even with so many different battles going on, it was great to see so much happen and with so many surprises. Tite Kubo really honed his illustration work over this series and the artwork is clean and the action is fun and furious. It’s all leading up to the final battle and I’m enjoying this final story arc. Reviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher.

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