Stellar issue 1 by Joseph Keatinge and Bret Blevins

With Stellar issue 1, we are given a brief introduction to a post apocalyptic universe in which everything seems to be in ruins. Retro future spaceships, giant robots, huge alien creatures, and an almost steampunkian type of army lie in ruins or given death through flashbacks. Amidst all this strides our protagonist, Stellar. She is apparently one of several creatures given the ability of mass destruction – and now she repents what she has done in the past.


Story: A woman brings a smart mouthed wanted fugitive alien creature in for justice – only to find that the government destabilized once again and the bounty is now void. Frustrated, she brings the prisoner back to a ruined outpost to let him help orphaned children and make some use out of him. But at the same time, she has flashbacks of the ruin she helped create of so many worlds – and how others like her may still be trying to track her down and finish her off.

This is a first issue comic and fairly brief, so the story only just gets started. We know we have a woman with bad memories of being a weapon of war, a lot of aliens and alien-landscapes, and the end suggests she may be in hiding while trying to help what is left of humanity.

The illustration work is solid and we have some interesting alien creatures along with a melange of various sci fi tropes lying broken and destroyed in the backgrounds. The current storyline is told in tones of blues while flashbacks are delivered in vivid warm tones. There is nothing entirely new here, either in story or illustration work, but again this is the first comic so there isn’t enough to go on yet as to where this will go. Reviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher.

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