Queen’s Quality 7 by Motomi Kyousuke

This is a series that has had several iterations, even getting a new title after the first two volumes (originally QQ Sweeper). I am not quite confident that Motomi fully has this series planned out – there are a lot of new ideas coming in that admittedly do feel adhoc. But as with all Motomi manga, you’re there for the pathos, the strong lead female character, a really flawed but idealistic male lead, and a lot of action. The ‘fighting with cleaning tools” has almost been jettisoned – now their tools turn into scythes or swords, which I wish had been the premise all along.


Story: Kyutaro is fighting a losing battle – against himself. When a white cat appears and helps Fumi get to him to provide her own fighting skills, they find out they are battling a ghost called Komori. The ghost has a special connection to Kyutaro and we’re about to learn more about what happened to Kyu’s parents the night they died defending a neighboring clan’s shrine.

This particular volume has a lot of action and fights as Kyu and Fumi battle a particularly difficult foe. They are aided by friends and the mysterious white cat but they will have a lot to learn before they can battle the foe. By the end, Fumi’s connection to Kyutaro’s family is revealed.

In all, some nice appearances by a few of Fumi’s ‘queens’ and some great action/sweet moments with our favorite couple. Reviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher.

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