Show Up For Salad by Terry Hope Romero

There is a surprising amount to like here, as the definition of ‘salad’ is really stretched nicely. Think beyond greens and instead to pretty much all kinds of vegetables, legumes, seeds, and nuts as a ‘salad’ in the non traditional sense. In addition to dressings and salads, you’ll find crouton variations, pasta and grains with greens, soup-salad mixtures, various toppings, and more.


The book breaks down as follows:
– Introduction/choose your salad adventure
– Choosing and storing greens
– Five kitchen tools for salads
– The salad pantry
– DIY microgreens
– Storing salads
– tips for gluten, nut, and soy free salad enthusiasts
– Dressings (creamy and oil-based, seed based, etc.)
– Savory Protein toppings (tofu, tempeh, uba, seitan, etc.)
– Salad rice, dressed lentils, other grains and beans
– Nutty, cheesy, crunchy toppings
– Crispy, chewy veggie toppings
– Croutons and toasty bites
– Green, crispy, crunchy, chewy salads
– Roasted, grilled, and hearty salads
– Pasta and grains with greens
– Soup meets salad
– Metric conversion chart and index

The recipes are varied: Salt and pepper fried white beans marinade, Sriracha ranch salad party, no-oil crunch croutons, green again soup with tahini miso slaw, charred broccoli, potato, and root bacon salad, hemp seed caesar dressing, and more. There are a few photographs, but only about 1 in every 10-15 recipes. Some not even of the recipe, just images of vegetables. But the layout is clean.

Each recipe has a title in large green letters and then serving size and info/introduction to the dish. The directions are chunky paragraphs that can be hard to read through since each includes several steps. Ingredients are in red and easy to distinguish. Many include variations in a large red block. Storage instructions and shelf date are included at the end.

In all, there is so much variety here that I am looking forward to digging deeper than the usual favorites. Some of the recipes do call for US-store products but alternatives are given for those not able to find the particular product. Most recipes are fairly easy and tips are given for preparing several items at the same time to increase efficiency. The tips at the beginning are very handy as well

In all, some really neat recipes in here for variety and interest. Reviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher.

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