The Orville Season 2.5: Digressions by David A. Goodman, David Cabeza, Michael Atiyeh

The ever-delightful Orville returns with more classic sci-fi, very similar to Star Trek: The Next Generation. At this point, it feels like Orville has completely forgotten its original premise of being a parody of sorts, and has fully transformed into an actual drama. In these comics even the previously present comic reliefs and gags are no longer present.

In this set we have two stories, both in two parts – the titular “Digressions” and “Artifacts”.

“Digressions” deals with the alternative time plot introduced in the second season where a younger version of Kelly is brought to the Orville and then later returned with a memory wipe. The story starts from that point – the memory wipe having failed. Now armed with prior knowledge of the future for the next 7 years, she makes different choices than before and the whole timeline progresses differently. The story itself is a pretty standard what-if, fairly enjoyable but does not reach the best of its kind (like “Tapestry” from TNG). Slightly annoyingly the story does not complete in this set and is left on a cliffhanger.

“Artifacts” is similarly a fairly run-of-the-mill story of discovery of a long lost fleet of super powerful starships from a long gone civilization, complete with an overly obsessed professor of archaeology. I did like this one, even if you can easily guess from the start exactly what will happen and what the ‘twist’ will be.

If you are like me and enjoy Orville because it really is just like TNG , these two stories are just like watching two new middle-grade TNG episodes. You’ll enjoy them, won’t hate them but they will not stand out as the best. Neither have anything in them that would bridge the gap between seasons two and three – these appear to be completely standalone. Reviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher.

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