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Bobby Sky: Boy Band or Die by Joe Shine

Joe Shine’s previous book, I Become Shadow, was a favorite of several of us in our reading group. Fun, snarky, and full of action, it was a book you couldn’t help but love. Sure, there were some suspension of disbelief … Continue reading

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Unofficial Guide To Walt Disney World by Bob Sehlinger

This book is pretty much a one-stop planning assistant; it contains everything you need to make the right choices when planning your Walt Disney World Vacation. Unlike the sponsored guides like Birnbaums, the authors are given free reign to give … Continue reading

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Manga Shakespeare Romeo And Juliet by Sonia Leong

I have to admit, I’ve yet to find a manga adaptation of any classic to be worth the time. Somehow, they come off as infantile and overwrought; whether Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, Les Miserable, or a Shakespeare play. I … Continue reading

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Psycho Busters 1 by Akinari Nao

It’s very apparent this is from the creator of Get Backers – it’s exuberantly done, with some edginess, and with a set of characters that you instantly want to follow. This first volume barely sets up the premise and we’re … Continue reading

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Trash volume 1 by Sanami Matoh

Trash is an unfinished series by the author of Fake. Taking a cue from Get Backers, we have a motley assortment of characters doing odd jobs. It’s your typical criminals with a heart of gold but the writing is solid … Continue reading

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Hibiki’s Magic Volume 1 by Jun Maeda

How much you enjoy Hibiki’s Magic really depends on how much you balance uber cute vs brain dead. Because what we have here is the typical very sweet and cute girl with a heart of gold but who can’t seem … Continue reading

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Shrine of the Morning Mist Volume 1 by Hiroki Ugawa

While reading this, I couldn’t help but feel someone had taken the premise of Ranma 1/2 (1 boy and 3 sisters), removed all the humor and personality, and tried to create a Miyazaki romance out of it. In this case, … Continue reading

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