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Miss Winthrope’s Elopment by by Christine Merrill, Riho Sachimi

It’s interesting how different a manga adaptation can be from a book.  In Christine Merrill’s original version, we have a much kinkier, more amusing, and much darker Regency Romance.  Mangaka Sachimi, however, makes everything lighter and fluffier, a carefree and … Continue reading

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The Promised Neverland Volume 9 by Kaiu Shirai and Posuka Demizu

With volume 9, we get a second pivotal book in the series. The first milestone was the children escaping from the orphanage. This book is a big reveal about William Minerva and sets a new arc up in the near … Continue reading

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Middle-Earth by Donato Giancola

This book lives up to the promise: stunning artwork of various types (drawings, paintings, several mediums) and a true passion for Tolkien’s works by the artist. It is obvious he has delved deep into the texts and produced images that … Continue reading

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Through The White Wood by Jessica Leake

With a mix of Avatar: The Last Airbender, Russian myth and mythology, and the typical YA heroine and bland insta luv hero, this is an ideal Summer read when you don’t want to be challenged. The book travels between medieval … Continue reading

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Star Collector by Sophie Schönhammer, Anna Backhausen

While the illustration work is decent in Star Collector, the storytelling feels not much better than a hastily written fan fiction. The pacing is very off, the story rushed, characterization unnatural and inconsistent, and it is a very hard story … Continue reading

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The Past and Other Things That Should Stay Buried by Shaun David Hutchinson

This is a book that is very well written and infinitely quotable. We have highly nuanced and realistic characters who have all the faults, misunderstandings, and issues that teens find today. The humor is bittersweet and typically making a philosophical … Continue reading

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To Best The Boys by Mary Webber

To Best The Boys is a very light read with idealistic (and over-idealized) characters and the typical “girl triumphs over the guys because she is brave and courageous enough to challenge the mores of her society.” Yes, it is a … Continue reading

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