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Cells At Work 1 by Akane Shimizu

Cells at Work is an imaginative way to learn about how the body’s blood system works. Although educational, it is also fun – plenty of adventures and even a potential love interest between our hard working red blood cell protagonist … Continue reading

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Maid-Sama 2 in 1, Volume 7 by Hiro Fujiwara

Ah, I still love this series – so surprising that after 14 volumes it still manages to be so good. Fujiwara keeps the storyline fresh and new without resorting to silly melodrama. Especially in this volume, where we get the … Continue reading

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Code Geass: Suzaku by Ichirou Ohkouchi, Goro Taniguichi, Atsuro Yomino

Code Geass Suzaku isn’t a retelling of the story from Suzaku’s viewpoint so much as an alternate history treatment. Author Ohkouchi doesn’t stick to the facts of the anime and instead changes them a little to make Suzaku a more … Continue reading

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Busou Renkin by Nobuhiro Watsuki

Not having read Watsuki’s more famous work, Rurouni Kenshin, I came into this first book with a clean slate. And I have to admit, I was fairly underwhelmed. The story fails to find any new ground: a bog standard ‘shounen’ … Continue reading

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Aqua by Kozue Amano

Perhaps because I was never into sweet but vapid slice of life stories, Aqua did absolutely nothing for me (except bored me to sleep). We have beautiful drawings of incredibly stupid girls doing pretty much pointless things for really meaningless … Continue reading

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Cactus’s Secret 1 by Nana Haruta

This checked off a lot of the things I dislike in shoujo manga: rude and obnoxious girl always beating on the guy, dense and clueless romantic interest, and a plot solely based around ‘big misunderstandings’. Honestly, it’s lazy writing and … Continue reading

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By The Sword by Sanami Matoh

By The Sword wasn’t what I was expecting – for better or worse. What we have here is a vapid story in a bog standard fantasy Japanese setting. The characters are all exceedingly stupid and most are pretty hard to … Continue reading

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