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The Empty Grave By Jonathan Stroud

I have enjoyed few series as much and Lockwood & Co – brilliant writing, fast-paced action, interesting characters, and a wonderful series-long mystery. For me, this does for ghost stories what Harry Potter did for wizards – created a very … Continue reading

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Rashomon by Victor Santos

Originally published in two parts (Rashomon and Seppuku) in black and white and Spanish, Dark Horse gives an American treatment of this merging of Japanese Cinema and American Noir. Despite the disparate themes, Santos does an excellent job of melding … Continue reading

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Rockstars Volume 1: Nativity In Blacklight by Joe Harris and Megan Hutchison

There are many, many layers of undercurrents within the graphic novel Rockstars; but really what we have here is an homage to the innocence of old school rock and roll and its contrast with modern cynicism and the current era’s … Continue reading

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Moonshine Volume 1 by Azzarello and Risso

With Moonshine, Azzarello mines the rich lore of 1930s prohibition era america with trademark grit and violence. The story can feel somewhat confusing at times as hillbillies fight gangsters and werewolves stalk G-men. But at the heart of it is … Continue reading

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Diadem of Death by BR Myers

Diadem of Death was an enjoyable read – I found the writing in this second book in the series to be much tighter and with greater focus on the mystery rather than teen angst. Moving the action to Egypt brought … Continue reading

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Asp of Ascension by B R Myers

Asp of Ascension clearly has roots in Nancy Drew – but updated for the modern middle schooler to include hunky love interests (in multiples) who fall for the way she smells, her eyes, her hair, etc. Which wouldn’t be a … Continue reading

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The Deathsniffer’s Assistant by Kate McIntyre

The Deathsniffer’s Assistant is an intriguing story built around a late Victorian/early Edwardian type of society. What we have really are two stories woven around one young man POV: a Sherlock Holmes murder mystery and an alternate universe urban fantasy … Continue reading

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