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War Mother by Fred Van Lengte, Stephen Segovia, Tomas Giorello

I enjoyed War Mother. Superb clean illustration work combined with an interesting story to keep me involved to the end. Those not invested in the 4001 Ad universe need not worry – you won’t have to have read any of … Continue reading

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Arrow of Lightning by Joseph Bruchac

With Arrow of Lightning, author Bruchac ends this interesting series in a satisfying manner. The mixture of post apocalyptic with Native American (and other cultural) flavors made for a very different spin on the post apocalyptic genre. Certainly, Bruchac is … Continue reading

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Broken Lies by Claire Vale

For those wondering about the difference between post apocalyptic and dystopian, here’s a book that start firmly in one genre but inexplicably jumps into another abruptly at the end. More introduction to a series than first book, Broken Lies was … Continue reading

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Manipulate by Corrie Garrett

Manipulate is a decently written story with enough pathos and engaging characters to keep readers invested to the end. Though a bit too long and with whole sections that could be removed to streamline the story, I found myself interested … Continue reading

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Glory by Maureen McGowan

As much as I enjoyed the previous two books in the series, this last one fell a bit flat.  The writing remained consistent but the plot sort of petered and died – and most of the book felt like filler. … Continue reading

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The First Twenty by Jennifer Lavoie

The First Twenty felt very constructed – everything set up to create a romance with complete disregard to logic or any kind of realistic situations.  There wasn’t an honest bone in the book. Compounding the lack of grounded worldbuilding, the … Continue reading

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Defiant by Karina Sumner-Smith

The first book in the Towers Trilogy, Radiant, topped my best of 2014 list. Intricate storytelling, nuanced characters, distinct magic system, and an exquisitely written story of an unusual friendship made for a very satisfying read. With this second book, … Continue reading

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