The Munchkin Book. Edited by James Lowder

This is a great companion to the game – full of tongue-in-cheek essays, special rule options, and comedic observations. Interspersed among the 15 essays are illustrated ‘cards’, some definitely more usable than others. Contributors include Steve Jackson, Ed Greenwood, and more – providing a wide array of very amusing quips and commentaries.


Essays include:

– Madness in 168 easy steps, Monty Haul and his friends at play, Screw you, pretty balloons, How playing Munchkin made me a better player, Munchkin Hollywood, My favorite Munchkin, and more. As can be seen by the titles, the essays are just as amusing as the game and worth the read for the puns alone.

But beyond the humor, there really or some fun ways to change the game up and make it just a bit crazier. Whether getting +1 for each pun you recite, keeping all the cards sideways to you, or adding two monsters to your hand for each combat. Each one of the extra rules is illustrated. Several of the essays are variants as well.

In all, a great companion for the dedicated gamer or Munchkin game fan. Reviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher.

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