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Bleach 65 by Tite Kubo

ith Bleach 65, we’re still right in the middle of the Quincy battle. But finally we get Ichigo entering the scene and taking names – only to discover that his entrance gives Yhwach even more leverage to enter the private … Continue reading

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Reboot Your Body by Rashelle Brown

One the one hand, this definitely isn’t your typical diet/health/fitness book. But honestly, the title and description didn’t match what I was reading within. The book really doesn’t have anything to do with genetics and instead is based on CBT … Continue reading

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Swimming Upstream by Laura Choate

Swimming upstream is a well written and thorough resource for parents guiding their daughters through puberty. Although the author does go on a few soapbox rants (e.g., body image and Barbie), most of the book is extremely useful and informative. … Continue reading

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Skip Trace by Jenn Burke and Kelly Jensen

Words cannot express how much I am enjoying this series. From wonderful, relatable characters to an interesting storyline that keeps escalating in unpredictable ways, Jenn Burke and Kelly Jensen have created a winner here. Like a warm, well worn leather … Continue reading

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The Blackthorn Key by Kevin Sands

The Blackthorn Key is an engaging middle grade historical/mystery that reads very much like a 12-year-old-friendly version of an Umberto Eco book. Set during the English Restoration (17th century, when Charles II was restored to the throne after Olive Cromwell’s … Continue reading

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Briefly Seen by Harvey Stein

Delving into this book came interestingly enough after seeing an exhibition on photographer Vivian Maier’s work. The precision and cleanness of Maier’s work makes for a stark contrast to Stein’s distracted, dark, and almost tortuously labored images. Two views of … Continue reading

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Fitness after 40 by Vondra Wright

In this second edition, revised for 2015, author Wright updates several sections (especially adding new exercises and plans as well as better nutritional information) but essentially keeps a large portion of the original version intact. At heart is her system, … Continue reading

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